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Online Comic Strip Creators

Your next mission is to take a look at a few online comic strip creators.  Have a look at a couple of the ones below and try them out.  When you are finished testing them, post a comment recommending one comic strip creator above the others.  Give three reasons why you are recommending the comic strip creator.


Make Beliefs Comix:



ReadWriteThink Comic Creator:



Garfield’s Comic Creator:





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One Response to “Online Comic Strip Creators”

  1.   5slottedpie Says:

    In my opionion I think that Kerproof is the best.

    1. Because it lets you make movies and music.
    2. It is cool how you can buy new stuff such as new characters and settings using the K coins.
    3. I like how you can add weather to your movies and that you choose your own scenes and drag motions for your character to make the movie.

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